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Visuascan - Thermal Printers

We have a long-standing business relationship with the most respected brand names in the label and line printers business. We offer direct thermal and thermal transfer top quality label printers for bar coding and all other applications. They will integrate with all existing printers and plug easily into a wide range of networks with all popular interfaces.

Two of the most common technologies for on-site use are:

  • Direct Thermal – Direct thermal printing chemically alters a coating to produce a desired image, similar to a traditional fax machine. It is sensitive to heat and ultraviolet light.
  • Thermal Transfer – Thermal transfer technology is similar to direct thermal in that it uses much the same type of printhead, except that a ribbon is interposed between the printhead and label. The resin-based, wax based ink or a combination of both is heated and transfers the image from the ribbon to the label.

Another component of the printing system is label design. While printers come with their own proprietary printing language to print barcode symbols, there are times when labels require additional information in the form of text, logos or specific formats. These applications require third-party label design software. Most of these software packages have WYSIWYG interfaces, so they are user-friendly for the non-programmer. A qualified systems integrator like VisuaScan will assist you in matching your application needs with the technology needed to accomplish your goals.


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