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VisuaScan Corporate Headquarters

Who We Are

VisuaScan is a leader in product identification, bar coding and labeling solutions for a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food distribution, logistics, dairy, resource and retail.

At VisuaScan, we believe that success is rooted in combining strategic, technical and practical excellence to uncover manufacturing and warehousing solutions that drive unprecedented operational efficiency and performance.We are committed to developing, implementing and supporting identification and barcoding solutions that are tailored to meet your specific business processes and requirements.

“A professional defines what is to be done, says they will do it, and then does it.”

What We do

VisuaScan was founded in 1996 by Jean Groulx and Carmine Marcarella with a goal to provide a one-stop-shop for product identification and bar coding. Since then we have built a reputation in the industry for identifying, implementing and supporting innovative identification solutions that deliver a seamless flow of product tracking, trace and visibility between supply chain and manufacturing operations.

We are unique in our ability to combine best-of-breed hardware and software technologies with proven best practices and industry expertise.

Our solutions and services include:


As your single source for product identification and labeling solutions, VisuaScan is a major distributor of high quality brand name hardware and supplies, including:

All of our solutions are backed by comprehensive support services, including a toll-free support desk.


(855) 690-5452